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2014 Berkeley Symposium

2014 Berkeley Symposium

April 24-25, 2014

CASA Symposium: "Religion in California"

The California American Studies Association's 2014 symposium on "Religion in California" was held at UC Berkeley, April 24-25th. Please see the conference page for more information.

The symposium included a plenary discussions between leading scholars Matthew Avery Sutton, Lois Lorentzen, and Rev. Joy Moore.

The symposium hosted a variety of panels on both days, beginning Thursday April 24 at 3pm and concluding Friday April 25th at 9pm, covering a range of subjects related to religion in California life. Among the panels were the following TECC Project panel on Religions and Theologies in California:

Philip Clayton (Claremont School of Theology): “Religious Location, California Style: Concrete Theologies in the Most Pluralistic of States”

Russell Jeung (San Francisco State University):  "Hakka Diasporic Tales: Exilic Identities of Faith in California"

Jason Sexton (TECC Project & USC): “Toward a Prison Theology of California’s Ecclesia Incarcerate”

Gregory Holmes Singleton (Northeastern Illinois University): “Scholars of Religion in/of California: Observations Toward a Personal History of California Divines”